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My Soundslide Project Advertisements

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Pictorial story This story is shown with just five photos and it’s short, simple, and to the point.  It’s pretty much just someone skinny dipping at sunset.  I think it’s a funny story but it’s shown in a beautiful way.  It’s … Continue reading

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This is the original picture I started with (on top,) It’s my friend Kathryn on her birthday!  When I photo shopped this picture I started by cropping the photo I then changed the exposure to -12.  Then I increased the … Continue reading

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Blog’s be gone

I was looking at some different advertising news on various websites when I crossed an article that was titled “Everything is Backwards”.  It sounded interesting so I started to read.  Turns out this article was about blogs, and since I’m … Continue reading

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It’s Blog Day!!!

Well technically yesterday was blog day, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  I’m going to recommend five blogs that you should check out! 1. has some pretty good blogs, but one blogger in particular from Nashville, Mandy Hale, … Continue reading

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