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Subliminal Advertising

The video above is one of my favorites.  I think it’s hilarious that advertisers themselves can’t even tell when they’re being advertised to.  I don’t think they necessarily used “subliminal advertising.”  Subliminal advertising is a tricky concept though.  Subliminal advertising … Continue reading

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Air Optix Ad

This is my commercial assignment for electronic communications! Hope you like it! Feel free to give any feedback! Thanks!

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Run and Tell that

This viral video is a play-off of the original video the bedroom intruder.  This video is hilarious and is has great audio and visual effects.  It was very well produced and is now even being sold on iTunes!  During the … Continue reading

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Good Video

Okay, I know this video is not a steady video, the camera man is not the best videographer and could have used a tripod.  But I think that the editing makes up for it.  The editing and add-ins are clever enough … Continue reading

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