Run and Tell that

This viral video is a play-off of the original video the bedroom intruder.  This video is hilarious and is has great audio and visual effects.  It was very well produced and is now even being sold on iTunes!  During the on-campus shooting earlier this week, many students made their statuses warning to hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide yo husbands cause they shootin errbody on campus! I think it became a viral video obviously because it’s funny but also because it has simple phrases that you can pass on to your friends.  This is one of my favorite videos by far!


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I'm an advertising senior at Oklahoma State :)
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3 Responses to Run and Tell that

  1. You know I have never seen this video until Saturday. I will agree it is pretty funny and it really is amazing how well it went off. I think it might be one of the most viral videos of all time. Nice choice.

  2. This song get stuck in my head CONSTANTLY. It’s also the ringtone that plays on my best friend’s phone when I call her, so she’s always laughing when she answers.

  3. monicagerman says:

    Haha I mean there’s no denying that this song was edited magnificently! I can only imagine how much money they’re making off this considering it’s on Itunes now! I just think it’s hilarious and so wonderfully done!

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