Air Optix Ad

This is my commercial assignment for electronic communications! Hope you like it! Feel free to give any feedback! Thanks!


About monicagerman

I'm an advertising senior at Oklahoma State :)
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4 Responses to Air Optix Ad

  1. lol Tina’s and Dozzi’s eyes crack me up!

  2. Michael Liba says:

    This is interesting. I’m about to get contacts. I need to try Air Optix out!

  3. monicagerman says:

    Haha yes Tina and Dozzi were not my best actors and thanks Michael! I wear air optix and really do love them! You keep them in for a whole month and they’re don’t get dried out! It’s so nice not to have to take them out and put them back in all the time! My eyes get more irritated when I do that!

  4. I liked this even though it was a little blurry. I was glad to see you put thought and effort into making the production done well. The zooming in and out was done very professionally.

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