Online portfolio

It’s tough to judge a portfolio based on just its setup because a particular setup can work well for one person, but it can be all wrong for another.  It depends based upon the kind of information you’re trying to display, you’re expertise, and the people you are trying to reach through your online portfolio.  I think an online portfolio can display your knowledge of web design or general computer skills as well as show off your resume and projects.  An online portfolio is a great way to present yourself to potential clients.  It’s easy for them to see who you are and the work that you’ve done without having a portfolio sent to them or you having to come in and show it to them.  I think the biggest part of having an online portfolio is to also show your personality through it.  Most likely they have not met you before they look at your portfolio and if your portfolio can show your personality and who you are, you will be much more personable to them because they can see not only your work but who you are through your online portfolio.

This is my sisters online portfolio.  Her name is Melanie German and she is an advertising major who is working with Apple.  I think the setup it eye-catching and different from what you typically see in an online portfolio.  I think the graphics show her creativity but it is also easy to navigate and is short and to the point.  HIRE HER 🙂


About monicagerman

I'm an advertising senior at Oklahoma State :)
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