Electronic Communications

I went into this class a little confused at what we were going to learn.  I sort of went in thinking we were going to master all of the social websites such as twitter and facebook etc.  Getting to see how they work and how they were made and why we use them.  We are already pretty much master at those websites but it would have been cool to see how they really worked and they story behind it all.

When the class actually started up and I realized what we were going to do, I was pleasantly surprised!  I had surprisingly never touched photo shop until I learned how to in this class.  It’s something that I had always wanted to learn and sort of knew what it was but never really got the chance to do it.  I think that the photo shop and the video editing were my favorite parts of this class.  Because I got to experience these types of programs in this class, I’ve actually become really interested in learning more about photo and video editing, so if anyone has taken a class similar to this, and you enjoyed it please let me know!

I liked the podcast assignment as well, I mostly liked editing it thought.  I don’t really feel like I’d ever be into making them regularly or doing that for a live radio station, but I could probably get into the editing portion of radio.  I wish I could take more photography classes because it’s something that I’ve always been kind of interested in, I just never knew where to start or if I was any good at it!  The photo assignments helped me to realize that spark as well.

Overall I loved learning about the variety of things that we were taught.  We went from podcast, to slide show, to blogging, to editing, to making our own advertisement.  I learned things that I’ve always wanted to learn but hadn’t gotten the opportunity to explore.  This class has sparked my interest in many areas!


About monicagerman

I'm an advertising senior at Oklahoma State :)
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2 Responses to Electronic Communications

  1. I know, you’re a Photoshop Guru now thanks to this class!

  2. brennawiebe says:

    haha with the podcast assignment, I definitely found out that I do not have a radio voice. No more radio for me but you g had a lovely radio voice! haha

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